Long shaft chopper pumps for fish industry

Landia’s acidproof long-shafted MPFR-I pump can handle fish up to 10 kg without pre-grinding and is ideal for use in silage. It can handle the entire silage process with the same pump. 
With its efficiency and low operating costs, the MPFR-I pump is a simple and powerful solution for handling dead fish at fish farms.

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Use of the long shaft chopper pump

The Landia MPFR-I pump is a long-shafted chopper pump made of acidproof steel. The suction is at the top of the impeller housing, and one or more so-called shredders are mounted on the shaft. Their function is to “coarsely chop” the contents of the tank and to force the media into the pump. Here, a knife system carries out further chopping.
The MPFR-I pump is ideal for the production of fish silage. The pump has a high flow, which ensures that the media repeatedly passes through the chopping knives. This means that the chopping is optimal with high-quality silage as a result.
MPFR-I is a reliable pump that, with no seals or oil chambers, requires minimal maintenance. 

MPFR-I can be configured in a myriad of ways to suit the specific task. The pump has proven its worth in silage since 1990 and has been optimized over the years.

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