Industrial submersible mixers

Landia POPL-I is a very low-speed mixer (flow maker). It is suitable for mixing and flow creation of large amounts of water with exceptionally low energy consumption, such as oxidation ditches and anaerobic tanks for wastewater.

Landia POPL-I is fitted with adjustable propeller blades. This means that you can fine-tune the energy consumption by simply changing the angle of the propeller blades to achieve the desired velocity.

The Landia POP-I 150 is a low-speed mixer for mixing and flow creation at low energy consumption, such as aeration tanks and anaerobic wastewater tanks.

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Flexible industrial solution

Landia POP-I 300 is a flexible and efficient mixer for liquids with a high dry matter content. The relatively low speed also makes the POP-I 300 the ideal mixer for high viscosity liquids.

Landia POD-I is a compact mixer, which is typically used for mixing liquids with a relatively low dry matter content and in smaller tanks. The propeller speed is 1000 or 1500 rpm. POD-I can be used at liquid levels below 1 m.

Landia's submersible mixers can also be supplied as acidproof steel.

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