Aerators for wastewater

With Landia’s aerators, you can keep the wastewater fresh in your wastewater tanks. Landia’s aerators can be installed in most types of tanks. They can be supplied in a submersible version where the entire aerator is lowered into the tank or for mounting through the side of the tank - dry-installed. Both types of aerators can be supplied in acidproof steel.

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AirJet ejector aerator for wastewater

Landia AirJet is an ejector aerator composed of a Landia chopper pump and an ejector system. Landia AirJet is a simple aeration system that can be easily installed in most tank types, often without emptying the tank first.

Landia AirJet is typically used for aeration of wastewater or sludge, for combined mixing and aeration and for the elimination of troublesome odours, as the wastewater is kept fresh. AirJet is also suitable as supplementary aeration at peak loads and in connection with cleaning or flushing of equalization tanks - also called retention basins.

Landia AirJet can suck air down to a water depth of seven to eight metres. There is no maintenance on the aerator, as only the pump itself needs to be serviced. Landia AirJet can be delivered made of acidproof steel.

Propeller aerators for wastewater

Landia PODB-I is a compact self-priming propeller aerator. It works by the rapidly rotating propeller automatically sucking the air, and thus the oxygen, down through a hose and then being released into the wastewater as bubbles.

The most obvious applications for Landia PODB-I are in connection with aeration of wastewater or sludge. It can also be for combined mixing and aeration. The aerator is also used to remove odours from wastewater, and to keep the wastewater fresh, for additional aeration at peak loads and when cleaning equalization tanks.

If needed, we offer to supply Landia PODB-I made of acidproof steel.

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